“The Running of the Bulls”: a Source of Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

10 July, 2013 — Leave a comment

Photo by Globomedia on Flickr used under a Creative Commons licence

These days are special for those of us who live in Pamplona. The city is transformed for nine days during the festival of San Fermin.

Humorously I can say that the skills needed to enjoy the Festival are similar to those that startups entrepreneurs require:

  • Passion for the party: The entrepreneur should be passionate about his work.
  • Assumption of risk: for running with the bulls or entering the packed city square where the initial rocket is launched.
  • Persistence: to last the nine days of debauchery in the streets.
  • Cash management ability: citizens who enjoy “Running of the bulls” should avoid running out of money before the end the festival.
  • Team management: to come to an agreement with your friends about what to do every day.
  • Negotiation Skills: to get cheaper items from street vendors.
  • International relation abilities: to fraternize with thousands of foreign tourists that come to the city.

Thousands of people crowded into Pamplona’s main square celebrate the launching of a rocket that each year marks the beginning of bull running festival. Photo by jaronson on Flickr used under Creative Commons licence.

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs have found inspiration in the Fiesta to launch their business. The best known company born around the Fiesta is Kukuxumusu. Whose entrepreneurs began drawing posters and t-shirts of “the running of the bulls” and they diversified their business to a factory of ideas and drawings.

Other start-ups have launched products that meet needs of the Fiesta. GeoActio for instance, launched an app in 2011 called “Disfrutando San Fermin” or “Enjoy San Fermin”, which gives event details to make it easier to enjoy the Festival in each moment. Meanwhile Cima NTI, another IT company, has launched the app +qeventos, which is also similar to “Enjoy San Fermin” and helps visitor find event throughout the city. Besides Sanfermin “Giants”, large dolls carry by local people, who make them dance thoughout the city, carry a GPS device. Visitors can easily find the exact position of the “Giants” by simply checking the app +qeventos on their smartphones. It is very useful for parents with children who want to find where the Giants are!

Giants of Pamplona dancing with people on the streets during the running of the bulls festival

Giants of Pamplona dancing with people on the streets during the running of the bulls festival. Photo by Jokin Garcia

Festival Pill:

– Do something different to achieve different results: the time when we leave the routine, like during a festival, stimulate creativity and are conducive for finding for new ideas.

– Have fun! If you are stressed after working hard all year, completely disconnecting in a playful atmosphere serves to return to work with renewed energy.

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