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Welcome to my blog Passion for Startups!

I am starting this blog with the hope that it will help many entrepeneurs.

My work with startups has created in me a kind of passion for new innovative companies. It is the moment, after 15 years working with startups, to organize what I have learnt about them and their entrepreneurs. I consider the early stage of an innovative company the most complex and challenging. Definitively, an exciting phase.

I have a great admiration and respect for entrepreneurs who take risks and create startups.

At a time of deep crisis in our country…

We need startups:

  • Because startups requiere the use of an entrepreneurs full potential .
  • Because when startups grow, they could hire qualified staff.
  • Because startups are less likely to be outsourced and less dependent on outside decisions,
  • Because all startups are born small, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to own a company with the potential to reach a size, that they would not have dreamed of before.

We also need Technology-Based Companies (TBC):

  • Because it’s one of the best ways to profit from the enormous knowledge and R & D developed in our universities and technology centres.
  • Because TBC can provide jobs for many young scientists who now are migrating in search of careers.
  • Because it is much cheaper to invest in transforming companies into technological projects, already in our technology centres and universities, than attract multinational assembly plants that maintain its R & D and product design in other countries.

Therefore, I intend to share what I’ve learned from entrepreneurs and my professional experience in the creation of startups, especially in the procurement of funding and how venture capital works.

In this blog I will provide brief tips about creating startups, called “Pills”, which are some basic ingredients concentrated in a short story. I’ll also include “Pills” provided by many entrepreneurs I have met.

In my opinion it is necessary that startups are already born with one foot in international markets. I will try to bring the reality of our spanish startups to foreign startups and investors to facilitate their connection to each other. I hope Anglophones will forgive me for the mistakes I may make. You can also follow my blog in Spanish in

The main purpose of the blog is to be useful for startup entrepreneurs’ discussions. The blog is for you — I am at your disposal for opinions and comments.

Thank you for visiting!

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